Ranking Islamic Religious Schools Academic Performance by Using Fuzzy Vikor

  • Norwaziah Mahmud
  • Nurul ‘Izzaty Hanani Zaharin
  • Nur Syuhada Muhammat Pazil
  • Siti Hafawati Jamaluddin


Ranking is a position in hierarchy or scale. Schools ranking in Malaysia has become a popular benchmark for academic achievement as in Malaysia, there are many types of schools. This study focuses only on Islamic religious schools. The objective of this study is to rank Islamic religious schools in Perlis based on their academic achievement in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2018. This study used Fuzzy VIKOR to assess the ranking of Islamic religious schools in Perlis. Fuzzy VIKOR is one of the multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) methods. The Islamic religious schools is the alternative to be chosen and the results for a number of subjects is the criterion. In this study, the data is transformed into a linguistic variable and categorised into five criteria which are excellent, honours, average, pass and fail. The linguistic variable is represented by a trapezoidal fuzzy number. The results of this study showed that Fuzzy VIKOR can be used in sorting the rank of Islamic religious schools. By using this technique, the results show that school 1 is the best Islamic religious school in Perlis. This has proven that Fuzzy VIKOR can be applied in sorting the rank.


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