Electronic Supply Chain Management Application Analysis in Retail Industry

  • Aang Angga Sugara
  • Anton Mulyono Azis


This research aims to evaluate the application of e-SCM in the retail industry in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The focus of the research is to find out the effectiveness level of e-SCM implementation, identify the inhibiting factors for the successful implementation of e-SCM, and find the results of optimization performed on e-SCM applications. This research was done as a descriptive qualitative method by utilizing three analytical tools, namely: flowchart, fish bones diagram, and transition tables. Data analysis was performed on observations and interviews of store managers, supervisors, sales administrators, and related suppliers, as well as sales and purchasing documents from the retail industry. The results showed that although the application of E-SCM in the retail industry was following the standards of experts, its utilization was not optimal, indicated by the number of damaged products, unsuitable items received and ordered, and undeliverable goods. Secondly, factors that causes the lack of optimal implementation of e-SCM including work methods, human, working environment, machinery, and company culture. The e-SCM application also results in the optimization of reduced product destruction due to expiration by 68.8%, reducing mismatch of products shipped or damaged by 62.5%, and reduction of failed deliveries of requested products by 72.2%.


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