• Azureen Abd Aziz INTI International University, Nilai, Malaysia
  • Nurien Hidayu Muhamad Rusly INTI International University, Nilai, Malaysia
  • Suhaila Ngadiron INTI International University, Nilai, Malaysia


Consumers are increasingly better informed and more aware of the environmental impact of products, and may demand businesses improve their environmental performances. With increasing concerns on environmental issues including green consumerism since the early 1990s in developed countries, green products have increased significantly. Additionally, the emergence of green consumerism implies that some consumers are willing to pay a price premium. While the prospects look bright for green products in developed countries, little research has been done on the same phenomenon in developing countries including Malaysia. Against the above background, the main purpose of this study is to investigate the prospects of green products in Malaysia, using 150 customers of a. well-known supermarket in Kuala Lumpur as a case. The data of the study were collected through close-ended questionnaires. The results of the study show a bright future for green products in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the future undertakings.


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